What is a Good Website Design?

A Website Design overtakes the old-fashioned marketing strategy such as leaflets, printed advertisements and brochures. Your business can easily be forgotten if these papers are out of a client’s hand, but with an attractive website design, your potential clients can go on to your website anytime they want and learn more about your business, product and services in their own time.

A good Website Design is indeed very beneficial in that a proper organisation and utilisation of the available resources around you will not only attract traffic there initially but keep them there. That is the true merit to having a successful Website Design.  Putting a business online means that you are using the fastest medium to promote and advertise your business and so it is best to consider that your possible clients can find you anytime 24/7, and anywhere around the world. Your website becomes your shop window for different clients, and since online shoppers are far different from the ordinary street shoppers, it is important to think of the most attractive strategy that you can for a website design.

A website doesn’t have a live person in there to explain to its clients what are the good things behind it, but a website design speaks for itself. Just by looking at a website of a certain business, most people can tell whether it is worth spending time there or passing by on your business advertisement and looking elsewhere on the internet.

Website Design can be best describe in three words; it is to expand, to be creative and to be globally competitive and this is very important because it gives you the chance to be imaginative as to how you are going to present your business, services or products.
Having a website means being able to attract customers 24/7. If a potential client heard about you and your business or services but can’t recall all your necessary information, they can always go to the internet since you have an active website for your business. It does not only provide an easy access to your clients but it opens the door to a much bigger market. Even if you are doing your business locally, through an active website and effective website design, there is a greater chance for your business to expand.

A website becomes your virtual access to the global market, thus it helps you to compete with larger organisations or companies. A lot of people now are using the internet as part of their daily life and so by having a great website, you are actually putting yourself within reach of hundreds, thousands and even millions of potential clients. The exposure of your business through your website is so much greater compared to the traditional and conventional advertising strategies because the number of people switching online is exponentially growing every day.
Flash does not always equal cash so some important tips to consider for your Website Design are:
1.    Keep it Simple – Make sure that customers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
2.    Be certain that your content is easy to read and you don’t have to be a Harvard Graduate to understand it!
3.    Make sure you explain the benefits of you products and services..features are good but they don’t sell! Keep asking yourself “so what” and when that doesn’t make sense anymore, you have found your true benefit!
4.    Explain the value of doing business with your company.
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