What is a Video Marketing? Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a viral advertisement that uses video clips to promote online products and services. A video clip can be not only be about a particular product or service but can also provide general information to the consumer regarding a particular niche market. If they are about a product, then they must show the real appearance of the product and the benefits people can get from it.

In every online business, the main goals are to reach a high rank in the search engines to gain more clients and sales and video marketing is a great tool in improving search engine optimisation. Did you know Google owns You Tube? You have to be creative in promoting your online business so that you can compete well with the tight competition in the world of internet marketing so if you want to know how effective video marketing is in promoting your online business or service, I urge you to read this article.

Video Marketing is an extremely powerful tool in internet marketing and is considered as the newest technique that can attract millions of clients and customers. It is similar to the television industry where there are commercials and advertisements, but unlike TV ads, video marketing is much more affordable in not only production but also distribution. They have the same approach and goal but are created differently. In internet marketing, many companies that sell their products and services use videos in their promotion. YouTube is one example of a website where videos can be uploaded to promote products and services. There are many others and there are tools such as tubemogul which will upload your videos to many sites giving you the opportunity for your video to be viewed by many more people.

Seeing the actual product rather than visualising it is more impressive and video marketing is a way to show people what your product really looks like and how it actually works. You can also provide your prospective customers information on what benefits they can get from your product. Video marketing can be used in any kind of business and service and when customers can actually see how a product or service can solve their problem, they are much more likely to buy!

Video Marketing helps build the credibility of your product. Making videos can be an easier than you think too and nowhere near as expensive as you would think either. There are video cameras such as a Kodak ZI8 that you can buy off the internet for around $200 that can take excellent quality video and sound and videos can be uploaded to the internet or your website in minutes.

Professional videos are usually used by majority of business people and if you have the budget, then it is usually a good way to go but a lot of consumers see through the glitz and glamour of expensive commercials and just want a genuine, sincere approach and that is where a short 1 or 2 minute well structured video can influence a customer’s buying decision.
Short videos (around 30 seconds to a minute or 2) are generally enough to attract the attention of the visitors to your website. Lengthy videos are discouraged because if the video is too long, your audience will generally find it boring and move on. You can see what other people are doing simply by using the search function in You Tube too. Here you can see what the most successful videos have been about in your particular niche to get ideas on what works and what doesn’t.
Just put yourself in the shoes of your audience or readers. If you are going to visit a site and you only find words or texts and nothing more, isn't it boring? Most people are visual so Video Marketing is a good way to attract lots of customers and clients to improve your bottom line.

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