What is a Search Engine Optimisation?SEO

SEO is a tool used to help promote the website rankings for your online business or service in the search engines.  It is a technical task in the process of internet marketing and primarily means optimising the whole site and/or the individual web pages so that they will become search engine-friendly.

It is a fact that SEO can truly increase positive traffic to a website. However, it does not serve as advertising.  SEO helps your website acquire high rankings because the specific search term is related to your website and used many times in the content.  You receive a high rank not because you paid for it but because the most searched terms can be found in your website.

How will your website benefit from Search Engine Optimisation?

The biggest benefit from Search Engine Optimisation has to do with the positive traffic coming to your website.  The people who are visiting your website are customers who will possibly buy your products and subscribe to your services.  Keyword research is a key factor in SEO and will allow you to target great search terms that customers are already typing into the search engines. Choosing the right search terms can help your website attract more visitors giving you the potential to convert that traffic into dollars from your online business or service.
Search Engine Optimisation includes finding the right words or phrases that most internet users are searching for and including those words or phrases in pages of your website.  Next, is to do some article design and submission to article sites with content from your website so that it links back to your site. If done correctly, this is one very powerful tool to increase the chances of a site gaining a Page 1 Ranking.

By using SEO, your business can reach customers all over the world that are specifically looking for your product or service. SEO is like giving your customers a pair of powerful binoculars so that they can find and see you in the crowd.

The Wikipedia Encyclopedia says “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. Other forms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) target paid listings.”
SEO is a must if you want to be found and the better it is done, the less you will have to pay for SEM otherwise known as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC). Consumers also trust the organic listings much more than the paid ones.
There are many ways to perform SEO for a website but the simplest way is to determine what the general consumer is typing into their search engine to initially find your product or service and make sure that your content has many of those keyword phrases throughout your website. Adding Video and Images are another great way of letting the spiders (that crawl websites) know that you are an authority in your niche. All of this and more will greatly assist your Search Engine Optimisation and index your website highly (potentially a Page 1 Ranking) in the search engines for your keyword phrases.
There are many additional strategies that we can assist you with when it comes to SEO from Article Design and Submission to creating links with other websites in your market… If you would like further information on Search Engine Optimisation services we can provide, then please contact us so that we may follow up with you appropriately.