What is Online Marketing? Marketing

Online Marketing or web marketing is used by companies to sell their products or services directly to people and generally generates an instant response from its audience or potential clients.

There are specific fields of online marketing such as:

    •    Display advertising or using banner ads or web banners on a third-party   website to expand and increase product awareness of its audience and generate responses to a company’s website.

    •    Affiliate marketing or recruiting associates who will promote a company’s products and services.  These associates will work under a commission-oriented business structure where they are getting a reward for every subscriber, visitor or customer that they bring to the company.    

    •    E-mail marketing is directly sending a company’s advertisement to its customers. This can very powerful but can lose its effectiveness if it is utilised too frequently.    

    •    Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a technique used by companies to increase and expand their visibility in search engine pages and its competitors. Examples of this are PPC campaigns which show up as sponsored links in the search engine pages either on the right hand side or at the very top of the page.

    •    Landing Pages are proving to be very successful in capturing email addresses of potential customers by offering them free reports or tips on a particular niche or topic. This allows for ongoing email marketing campaigns.

Whatever may be the strategy a company chooses, there are a number of benefits in it. Apart from generally being very convenient and affordable, it gives opportunities to companies to track results while the advertisement or campaign is in progress and make adjustments accordingly. The Online marketing strategy allows all types of businesses to be globally competitive.

Why is it Important and What are its Benefits?

Online marketing is very important because most customers search online these days for information, products and services as most find it convenient and faster to shop anytime of the day without physically going to your office, agency or store. Online marketing gives an immediate and interactive response between the companies and its customers as they browse their products or services on the web and the selling process is also fast because clients can easily download information or order them right on the spot.

Online marketing has several benefits to companies as it reduces the cost and increases the efficiency by avoiding all the expenses of having a physical store or office and its utilities. Digital brochures or catalogues are cheaper and easier to download than the printed ads and mailing papers. The online catalogue or ads can be updated, edited and adjusted anytime of the day to adapt to the availability of a  product or service and the price so they mirror the changing condition of the market place.

Online marketing is flexible in all its senses and is the easiest and fastest form of marketing since the internet is now becoming a most effective tool for selling a companies products and services nowadays. There is nothing that your business cannot do with the help of the internet and it can only be done, if you allow your business, products or services to engage in the arena of online marketing.

For more information as to how online marketing can assist your business to grow, please contact us with your enquiry so that we may follow up with you appropriately.