What is a Keyword Research?Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a method used by search engine professionals to find and research for words that are commonly searched by people online.  It is a very important feature in the operation of search engine optimisation.  Its purpose is to spot the most searched for keywords that relate to a companies products and services. The use of right keywords in the content of a website will help people find you on the web.  If customers search for the keywords you have used when writing content for your website, then they will more easily find you when they search for those keywords.

Why Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is the most important factor in determining the success and failure of a website. Most peoples aim is to be ranked as number one in the search engines (particularly in google) in order for them to attract potential customers. The more traffic you create the more chances your product or services will be introduced to potential customers.  

How to use Keyword research to enhance the performance of your website?
1. Find the Main Keyword

Search and target the right keyword/s to create more traffic in your site.

Every website is about a particular thing from any field whether in business, art, science, etc.  It is important that your website talks about a specific thing.  Use this specific thing as your keyword so that if people search for it online, they can more easily find you.  Take note that the keyword you will use must have low competition.  It is difficult to be ranked in search engines if you use keyword/s that have high competition. Therefore, you may need to use a keyword phrase rather than a single word. One of the free tools available to people online to do this research is http;//www.googlekeywordtools.com This tool can give you ideas as to what customers are typing into the search engines to find a particular product or service and how much competition there is for that particular keyword phrase.
Once you have established the keyword phrase you wish to use, then it should be used atleast 3% of the time (but no more than 6%) in your content writing.

Always use the most visible keyword.  Use it to search and compare other related terms.  After finding the related terms, find other specific terms that can increase the value of your website.

2. Find Secondary Keywords

After choosing the main keyword, look for secondary keywords or keyword phrases to use in your website content. The secondary keywords will be used in the sub-parts of your website.  Use the same process in searching for the main keyword in looking and producing for strong secondary keywords.  You will use these secondary keywords for each category and page in your site.  

In each page of your site, you should have a keyword or keyword phrase used in about 3% to 6% of your content.

Your website is composed of the homepage, second level pages, and third level pages.  Your website must have a main keyword or keyword phrase.  It must be visible in the entire website.  Use the main keyword in other level pages and most importantly in your homepage.  Your second and third level pages should also use a specific keyword or keyword phrase.
As you can see, keyword research is very important throughout the whole site and in each level of the site.  If your website and its different pages use the right keywords, the search engines can easily recognise what your site is about and rank you in the search engines accordingly.
Aside from applying all your selected keywords in your whole website, it is also important to apply them offsite.  Offsite means on other websites through writing articles that can be submitted to article sites  that will link back to your own website. This will be explained more in Article Design and Submission.