What is Article Design and Submission? Article Design and Submission

Article Design and Submission are very important tasks in harnessing the result in search engine optimisation. Article Design is basically writing about a particular niche or topic to encourage readers to come back to your site. Article Submission is the next step you must take after writing customer-friendly and informative articles. If you are promoting your business or service online, article submission can be the best approach to improve your ranking. Knowing the proper writing and manual directory submitting techniques to achieve more traffic to your website is an important part of search engine optimisation and if you want to know the other benefits from article design and submission, I urge you to read this article.

What are the Benefits You Can Get From Article Design and Submission?

Article Design and Submission are useful in making your website a competitive one. The first benefit you can get is multiple links which will improve your site in the, search engine rankings. If you are promoting a business or a service, articles that are written properly can help you create an identity  for your business or service and assist you in establishing  your brand.

By increasing your search engine rankings for your website, you will have higher chances to gather more visitors that will help your promotion.

If it is targeted traffic from well written articles, there is a higher chance for you to earn more and more dollars. The benefit is that, you can receive excellent credibility once you have submitted your well written articles to several article submission sites. If the published articles are keyword optimised and filled with links that will lead back to your website, this increases your chances of a higher ranking.  If your website contains keyword rich articles, it will be one of the best search engine optimisation tools to drive traffic  to your website.

Lastly, the so-called RSS syndication will help you publish the articles on several websites. The search engine optimisation benefits you can get from all the articles that you are going to publish is why article design and submission are very important.

In marketing your online business and service, article design and submission cannot be separated from SEO.

The purpose of submitting articles to article sites is to stimulate the interests of your readers.  Your articles must be written according to what your site is about so that these can motivate your readers to find out more about your business and come to your web site..

It is important to submit the articles manually. Even though there are many software tools for article submission, manual submission is suggested to ensure that the articles you are going to publish will be categorised accordingly. Proper categorisation of articles is very important when it comes to page ranking. If you have submitted your articles to a totally different category, your effort becomes useless even though the software maybe very fast in submitting your articles. Therefore, do not rush when you submit the articles. Submit them manually to as many sites as possible if you want to gain more links and traffic.