Perth Web Marketing FAQ
How long does it take to create a website?

How long is a piece of string?… Seriously though, it is probably the most asked question and it will vary depending on the size of the project but it is generally between 3 and 5 business days from the time we have the content.

What levels of input do I the client need to do to keep it up to date?

From very little to as much as you like…for those who are too busy and just want someone else to do the work, we can keep it up to date for you…all you need to do is provide us with any changes. For those who would like to maintain their own content, we can provide you with access to your own WCMS (Web Content Management System). If you can type in Word, basic changes are very simple to do.

How does a prospective client find my website?

Besides the obvious of giving them the address, through local search engines or PPC advertising campaigns that will target specfic keyword phrases that we have established customers who are looking for a product or service you provide, will type into Google or similar search engine.

Who creates the actual content?

2 Choices here. You can provide the content for us to publish or you can have us write the content on your behalf which you will approve before publishing.

What are my design options?

We believe that a good design shouldn't get in the way of your message. So we create clean, attractive designs that allow your website to communicate clearly. A quality website isn't just pretty on the outside, it needs to be built properly. We leverage our exceptional understanding of web design to build sites that are efficient, well structured, accessible and easy to manage. That means your pages will load faster, place better in search engines, be viewable by more people on more browsers and cost you less to maintain down the road. We do advise our clients to keep it simple though and avoid Flash Videos or other add ons which take time to load. It is a proven fact that if a customer waits too long for a page to load, they simply click on the next one…so flash is not always cash when it comes to web pages.

What does it cost per year to run?

That can vary hugely. Must haves are Web Hosting obviously which can start from as little as $7 a month. If you take advantage of our WCMS Web Content Management System, then you will save money by updating your own content. We do also recommend some basic SEO and maintenance on a monthly basis in order to keep you ahead of your competitors in then search engines…prices vary depending on the options you select and how competetive your keyword phrases are…

Who do you use to host web sites and how reliable are they?

We have our own hosting company based in the USA and actually have our clients on two different servers so that if one is ever down, our clients websites will still be visible. This enables us to guarantee an uptime of over 99.7%

If you have any further questions that are not answered here, then please ask it on our contact us page.